Friday, October 9, 2009



I woke up this morning to text message from a friend of mine asking did I hear the crazy news about the President. I ran to my computer and found that Obama (who has only been President since January 20 - that's just shy of 9 months) was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. I gaffed at the article I read online. This is the BIGGEST load of crap I have read in the news in many many years. My friend who texted me this morning said that, "it just negated every nobel ever awarded."

He has done nothing! He has not helped this country, actually, he is making this country weak. All this will do is add to his narcissistic egotistical personality. Obama is a ego-maniac! I am going to make a prediction - I bet he uses that he won the award in his upcoming speeches to promote his left-wing, socialist, and radical views.

The man is an empty suit. He brings nothing to the table. He has no experience for this position and the GOP was correct in establishing this point against him pre-election last year. He has no clue what do with Iran and the Islamic terrorists, he has given us a pork package that couldn't stimulate a female pig (that's hard to do since animals don't have the ability of self-control as humans do), Health Care is a stinking mess, he is giving Al Qaeda more time in Afghanistan since we won't make a decision on troop levels, he is now controlling the auto industry and he wants to control the internet, so people like me, people that are free, can't write blogs that will damage his narcissistic personality. There are probably other things he is doing that we just don't know about yet or because CNN, MSNBC and the other "state" controlled media are not reporting it.

I remember when I was 18 years and Bill Clinton was elected to the Presidency, my Father said to me, "Every few years, the American people do something stupid." Well Dad was correct this year too - they elected this clown from the political cesspool called Chicago, Illinois. Not only have the American people done something stupid this year, it looks like the world has joined in on the stupid party too.


jackie_m_schroeder said...

Wow, what happened to being non-judgemental and Christ-like?

Perna said...

This has nothing to do with being "non-judgmental and Christ-like." I think you completely misunderstand what those terms actually mean. As an American, and a Catholic, it is my 1st Amendment Right to write what I choose my blog. It's your right to disagree with me. However, would you have said this to me if I had written it about George W. Bush? I pray for our President.